Our Vertex Ecosystem has 7 core Elements that are connected to daily activities and strategies that are the principles of our success. Filled with customized tools, each Element is unique and customizable to support your SMART goals and generate real change that transform your business, professional career or personal lifestyle.
We help you establish daily activities such as; action / strategic plans and operational items the influence your results. Each Element within your ecosystem will be in alignment with your values that influence your motivation, help you become more discipline and lead you to successful outcomes that you can track and measure.
To ensure your projected change becomes permanent, you must focus on repetition, accountability and discipline. Change Management is one of the reasons many people fail at achieving their goals. This is why our system is designed to provide a direct communication line with your coach. He/She will be able to help you get outside your comfort zone, apply new techniques and eliminate wasteful activities that has been hindering your growth.
To avoid being overwhelmed with achieving your goals, you must have balance. In our ecosystem, you'll discover how to get more done with less time. Time Management is the key to long-term success as you will begin to see your to-do list shrink during the day and find more time to spend with your family, on yourself or to recharge your batteries so that you can direct energy on other important life necessities.
In our programs, you'll benefit from our extensive catalog of "Power Skills" training, Workforce Development Courses and Events. You'll be required to self assess where you are, what you need and then develop a Training Plan that will provide you with all of the key skill sets your overall goals will require.
We're not the coach for you if you are not interested in making your own dreams and goals come true. Our success is your success and we will provide you with all of the support you will need to begin a winning strategy. The key to our success is helping you implement and execute your plan daily. Most importantly, everything you will learn from us can be repeated well beyond our coaching engagement. Meaning, all of the tools and continuous group coaching events at your fingertips--you will continue to be successful after we are gone.


My Vertex System will get you off the couch and back in the game of winning. We develop the ``Game Changers`` of tomorrow!


What you can expect in our coaching program


As a Team, we'll establish short-term and long-term strategies that will become your roadmap to help you accomplish your goals.

SMART Goal Setting

Each SMART Goal is compartmentalized into a value stream where you can break larger goals down to smaller action items that connect them all. In each session, you'll review your progress and re-establish new goals as you begin to prosper.

Performance Management

Having an experienced coach on your team will give you the extra motivation. Your coach will evaluate your daily activities and set performance based goals and strategies that connect to your ecosystem.

Personal Development

You can expect to GROW your MINDSET throughout the process. Build new MINDSET methodologies and new skills and create better habits and predictable outcomes.


Coaching both the leadership and employees. Getting strategies and tools to keep on track. Activities helping you meet them and hold everyone accountable while contributing to your future success.


A critical aspect of success is professional development. We’ll help you identify your training needs and how (or what) to invest in your self development plan to meet those needs.

Let's Go To Work

And Dominate Every Single Day Together!