Youth Life Coaching Package


$544.00 $340.00

(4) 60-75 minute Sessions in the package.  (Fore better results, choose 2 months)

As an experienced award winning workforce program leader, Coach Scott is passionate about working with young future leaders. He is passionate and can relate to a lot of the challenges many of the young clients are experiencing.

Coach Scott will take a holist approach to helping each client build skills that are transferable to all aspects in life.  Together, you will make incremental steps toward unbelievable change and unexplainable breakthroughs.



The future of tomorrows leaders reside within today’s youth and my mission is to stand in the gap for the young people of tomorrow.  Research has shown that coaching and mentorship solutions serve as a form of intervention to low confidence levels, environmental challenges, disconnected communities, overwhelmed parents, and more.

I grew up in an era of the age old mantra, “it takes a village to raise a child” and now– society has taken some of those old school coaching tools away from families that are needing some additional support.  My Youth MINDSET methodology program is designed to help young clients:

  •  Set SMART Goals
  • Understand the “why” factor in life, school, and success
  • Learn Emotional Intelligence (self awareness, being aware of others)
  • Understand resillience and how to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Become in touch with their personal well-being
  • FOCUS (learn how to focus on the process and not the prize)
  • Career and Education/Training Planning
  • Career Discovery (part of the planning process)
  • Enhance motivation
  • Improve self esteem, confidence, and determination to succeed
  • Communication and engagement

This is package is exclusive to young clients aged 16-24.  Young clients (and parents) who need an additional mentor and coaching partner to guide you through the journey of success.

In addition to the program basics, each client will also receive the “Kaizen Approach” philosophy to help sustain their new skills for life.  My Kaizen philosophy is based on our propriatary program that introduces slow incremental steps toward continuous improvement.  Students will learn new and exciting way to achieve greatness and Coach Scott will serve as the accountability partner and facilitator on the way to amazing breakthroughs!

This package is for:

  • Young adults who are looking for mentorship and coaching for life, education, and career exploration.
  • Students who are looking for performance improvement.
  • College aged students looking for career development and exploration.
  • School programs and non-profit organizations working with at-risk youth.
  • Parents who are interested in adding value to their childs life and self-development.

The Youth Package is exclusive to young adults from 16-24 only!!!! Check with Coach Scott on Group Packages, Retreats, and Workshops.

Together we will DOMINATE EACH DAY!

You will receive the following:

  • (4) 60-75 minute personal sessions with Coach Scott (More sessions can be added)
  • Assessments (Skill, Career & Process)
  • Goal Clarification and establishment using the SMART methodology.
  • Career Planning (Develop a Roadmap to Career Success)
  • Mentorship
  • Social Media Marketing/Branding (Update, upgrade, and reposition for success)
  • Education/Training Plans and Discovery
  • Strategic Action Plan areas of concerns (life, career, education etc.)
  • Self-Development Activities: Leadership, Networking, Emotional Intelligence, Kaizen.
  • Access to Coach Scott in between sessions to answer questions and advise with feedback.
  • Access to workshops and teleseminars hosted by Coach Scott.
  • No minimum monthly commitment (I recommend 2 months to get full benefit of package)

***The Youth Package is a very special opportunity for Coach Scott and his team.  As a professional coach who has worked with young adults in the award winning workforce development program. In this program, “no client will be left behind” and our team will go the extra mile to make sure each student succeeds.



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