Platinum Coaching Package


$4,350.00 $3,000.00

(4) Monthly Coaching Sessions and a lifetime of material designed to get you on track to winning!

Your Platinum Package is a high impact coaching system and high-end resource tools to take you from beginning to breakthrough for your business.  Together we will turn your obstacle into opportunities, learn new strategies for performance excellence and create living testimonies while you see your life, career, business, or relationships improve over time.

Utilizing his Vertex Business Accelerator System, Coach Scott will help you identify improvement areas within the 5 Core Elements for performance results and take a high-end approach to transforming your business into a more agile and sustainable culture. You’ll learn his Kaizen Approach to success and engage in exercises that are results driven.  This package is critical to helping you take the momentum from early sessions and strategically move you to breakthroughs along the way.


Your Platinum Package is high impact business coaching system, coaching mentor and high-end resource tool to take you from beginning to breakthrough in your company.  This is the 5 Core Elements of the Vertex Business Accelerator System.

Coach Scott and his team will help you identify improvement areas, take a deeper dive into your needs and conduct a high-end approach to business performance excellence.  This package is critical to helping you take the momentum gained in the early sessions and strategically coach you through the journey of success.

This is our premier coaching plan! The Platinum Package is designed for individuals who are:

  • Seeking more in depth coaching sessions with intense strategies for business success
  • Organizations with less than 25 Employees
  • Desiring to improve Leadership, Approach, Customer Focus, Workforce, Results/Measurements within the business.
  • Need additional self development training
  • Certified Small, Veteran, Disabled, and Woman Owned Businesses
  • Organizations who seek to position themselves better for contract awards, management, and funding.
  • In leadership roles (Managers/Executives/Business Owners)

The Platinum program is personalized, structured, and processed-focused to guide you to success, mentor you throughout the month and serve as your success partner, adviser and assist you with making better decisions for results and provide exposure to strategies in Vertex Business Acceleration System. Together we will DOMINATE EACH DAY!

You will receive the following:

  • (4) Monthly 60 minute strategy sessions with Coach Scott and his team
  • Assessments (Skill, Career, Personal & Process)
  • Goal Clarification and establishment
  • GROWTH Planning (Develop a Roadmap to Success)
  • Social Media Marketing/Branding (Update, upgrade and reposition for success)
  • Entrepreneur Workshop (for those with business needs)
  • Training Planning (Develop a training plan to match your personal plan)
  • Strategic Action Plans
  • MINDSET methodology for growth and breakthroughs
  • Access to Coach Scott in between sessions to answer questions and advise with feedback.
  • Access to workshops and teleseminars hosted by Coach Scott and his team.

****There is a minimum of 6 month commitment for this package. 


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