Half Day Productivity Workshop

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When it comes to productivity, there are few coaching programs that deliver such a powerful impact to your bottom line. Our half day workshops are de… READ MORE


When it comes to productivity, there are few coaching programs that deliver such a powerful impact to your bottom line.  Our half day workshops are designed to provide more than motivational speakers.  We actualy address “production killing” areas and facilitate solutions. This amazing workshop is designed to customize your needs in to actual training that get results!

Clients should expect a full immersion into building core competencies in areas that stimulate more efficient behaviors and habits.  The breakout sessions are designed as building blocks from courses and curriculum of target production areas.  Below is a list of potential productivity improvement areas that can be facilitated in a half day workshop or seminar format to suit your needs: 

  • Time Management
  • Business Strategies
  • Sales & Business Development (Target Market & Value Propositions)
  • Customer Relations and Management
  • Social Media and your Brand (Capturing marketshare from Social Media markets)
  • Focus: Learning to FOCUS on Processes vs. Outcomes
  • Personnel Development
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Office Efficiency
  • Leadership Mind Mapping
  • And other custom courses (designed for your specific need)

This interactive workshop is packed with tips, techniques and innovative ways to improve your productivity while improving your bottom line.

***This is a half day workshop that can be extended if necessary.  Businesses that may want more topics and material should consider a full day or two day workshop to get the most from the event.  Make sure you provide us specific details of your objectives and we will help you build the workshop that will meet those specific needs. 


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