Business Success Workshop for Telecom/Tech Companies

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This is a 2-day intense workshop.

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Coach Scott understands the pitfalls of building a telecom/technology company.  He and his partners have built several successful telecom/tech firms and have the lumps and gray hairs associated with this highly competitive industry.  If you’ve experienced the frustration of getting out bid/under bidding your projects, lack of productivity from your employees, struggling to motivate teams to excell, don’t have a “true” business processes with accountabilities, inability to expand your business lines, or spent time trying to figure out how to enhance your business model in various markets--you’re not alone!

Coach Scott has developed this workshop specifically for those telecom/technology businesses that provide awesome service but can’t figure out how to win the business side.  His team focuses on helping contractors, independent firms and other tradesmen understand how to properly position their services,  implement fool-proof processes that improve productivity & prevent back charges and develop crews that will love to refer others to your business.  Coach Scott understands your needs and will help you create a culture of winning and implement solutions for sustainability.  In this workshop you will receive:

  • 2-days of strategies, master mind sessions and solutions
  • First Step: Pre-Business and Business Basics
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Marketing and Sales Mastery
  • Conduct Market Research for success
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategic Positioning & Operations Management
  • Team & staff accountability
  • Telecom/Technology-Specific Project Review and Management Tools
  • Telecom/Technology-Specific Process improvement strategies
  • SMART Goals & Prioritizing.

This industry specific program is for startup or entry-level companies with $400,000 in volume to established companies in the $10-15 million in annual sales, those in a rapid growth phase to those in the process of downsizing.

Our experts will facilitate–along with “YOUR” leadership team, a detailed working session designed  not only to identify areas of concern–but increase production, set obtainable outcomes, improve  customer satisfaction, eliminate wasteful processes, and build executable business tasks.   This workshop is the “ULTIMATE” business solution for problem-solving, revenue building, and building a sustainable framework for success.

***This is a 2-day intense workshop that can be extended if necessary.  Businesses that may need a deeper dive can increase the amount of time needed to get the results you are looking for or request a customized coaching solution for better results.  

***Start-ups will get great results from the two (2) day workshop, whereas mid-sized organizations may prefer three (3) days to maximize the return on investment.  If you need the extra time, make sure you ask about the special pricing for monthly customized programs or 3-5 day workshops. 


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