Business Strategy Workshop

Small Businesses are the fabric of our economy. Small Business Owners are innovators, employers and offer growth opportunities for every community. H… READ MORE

Small Businesses are the fabric of our economy.  Small Business Owners are innovators, employers and offer growth opportunities for every community.  However, many business people spend all their time, energy and money focusing on growing revenues and not the process of sustainability.  They often loose site of the foundational tasks that builds long-term growth.

Our Business Strategy Workshop is for the entrepreneur who spends all of their time working “IN” their business and not “ON” their business.  This session will address their goals, model, operational efficiency and product/services.  Our strategy meetings are customized and solutions are based upon your objective such as:

  • Think Tank Facilitation
  • Contracts/Contract Strategy & Positioning
  • Organizational Structure
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Staff Devleopment/Personnel
  • Revenue/Growth and Planning
  • Acquisition Strategies
  • Innovation
  • Staff Motivation/Inspiration &
  • Training

***This is a 75 minute session that can be extended if necessary.  Businesses that may need a deeper dive should look at our full day intensive workshop. 


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