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Personal Development; a Key to Success

Personal Development; a Key to Success At a time when personal development is a real driving force in the professional world, it must be recognized that it also plays a key role in all aspects of everyday life. Leveraging towards personal change and progress, self-development allows us to know ourselves first, but above all to […]

Career Coaching

Coach Scott and his team offers professionals a wide array of career coaching services, career success programs, skill development courses, employment resources and individual assessments to help clients achieve the highest level of success in a career or professional development.

Our new transformative multi-part sessions of private coaching is designed specifically for individuals who are finally ready to receive “unbelievable breakthroughs”, learn a systematic approach to professional career success and establish a clear direction toward career happiness.

Career Transformation clients work with Coach Scott and his team of coaches over the course of 3-12 months. Each program is designed on the desired outcomes utilizing conference calls, webinars, face to face (local clients) and eLearning systems that’ll impact the client and transform his/her MINDSET for career success.

Drawing on key content shared in Coach Scott’s acclaimed workforce development programs, and his 20 year background building recruiting agencies, certified coaching team, depth of industry knowledge, his leadership experience in the corporate and military arena, and work with professionals–this program teaches you vital information, strategies and steps for growth, career change, MINDSET for success and eliminating wasteful activities while overcoming limitations to clear the path to DOMINATION!

Common Challenges we address 

Professionals are facing a diverse set of challenges in todays workforce. Making a career change, finding a new job, or graduating from college can be both exciting and frustrating. Hiring a professional coach who is well versed in guiding you to success is an option that delivers results. If you are experiencing frustration in your professional quest for sustainability and happiness–let our team assist you with the following:

1. Entry Level Career Development

Graduating Students, New Career Professionals or Individuals entering the workforce for the first time can benefit from having experts guide them into the market. Clients can expect having a professional coach introduce them to personal assessments, MINDSET Transformation, developing a detailed career plan, establishing a training plan, and branding/networking activities that will get you hired!

Social Media & Branding

Social Media is a key element to branding and building your authority for hiring managers and recruiters to better find you. Just about every stakeholder or HR professional uses some form of social media to identify and employ professionals. Our career coaches are branding and social media experts. We will train you how to effectively build and utilize socail media to increase your visability in the professional world.

Career Transition

Our career transition programs follow our MINDSET Transformation Model that will emplower each client to discover the right career path, uderstanding motivational drivers, identify career characteristics that align with your professional goals, showcase how to access “hidden job markets”, position yourself as an attractive candidate using unique skills and POWER Skill development. Each phase of the transition program includes action steps and clear direction for improved results.

Job Search Consulting

In a competitive workforce, job seekers need to be completely focused and have relentless drive. Our team help each client accelerate their job search. We establish advanced techniques to help you get closer to your dream job. In the Job Search Consulting Program, we help you fill in the gaps within your network strategy. We’ll work closely with you to identify and correct individual or systematic issues that hinder you from optaining the best opportunities. Having our team as your personal mentor is having a high level accountabiliyt partner who will help you find that perfect opportunity.

Power Skills Training

Hard skills alone are no longer the primary measurement for employment or advancement. Workforce development is now becoming an internal and external responsibility of the professional. Meaning building other skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, sales, customer service, conflict resolution, and others show a well rounded candidate who can work well in a diverse environment. Coach Scott and his APSi Team of trainers can deliver a full catalog of Power Skills courses in group, team, or as individuals.

Resume & Interviewing Skills

Before training you to master the interview, we’ll focus on the resume. Coaches will help you develop a compelling resume that paints a clear picture of who you are and why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Then you will move on to the interviewing phase. We will prepare each client with a “Recruiters” strategy for resume writting and interviewing skills. We provide an intensive bootcamp filled with role playing and exercises to give you an advantage. We improve your confidence, preparation, and develop a strategy based on our extensive experience working with CEO around the world.

Individual Coaching Sessions

* 1-to-1 Coaching Platform * Individual Assessments * Root Cause Analysis * E-Learning Programs * Power Skills Training * Career Plan Development * Training Plan Development * Face-to-Face Options * Online Solutions * Webinars * Employability Plans * Basic Job Readiness Skills * Advanced Job Readiness Skills * Advanced Executive Career Coaching

Group Coaching Sessions

* Group Coaching Platform * Access to Assessment Tools * Master Mind Sessions * Workshops * Workforce Development Training * E-Learning Programs * Power Skills Training * Career Plan Development * Training Plan Development * Webinars * Employability Plans * Basic Job Readiness Skills * Advanced Job Readiness Skills * Advanced Executive Career Coaching

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