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Personal Development; a Key to Success

Personal Development; a Key to Success At a time when personal development is a real driving force in the professional world, it must be recognized that it also plays a key role in all aspects of everyday life. Leveraging towards personal change and progress, self-development allows us to know ourselves first, but above all to […]

Business Coaching

Owning a Business is one of the greatest honors you can have professionally. Growing your business can be one of the most stressful and frustrating processes you can encounter as well.

Hiring a business coach will help you avoid some common pitfalls associated with entrepreneurialship and growth. Our team of Business Coaches will help you move your business forward. We focus on proven performance excellence framework and methodologies that are widely accepted for its systematic approach to building and growing a sustainable and agile business.
Our priority is to assist you with improving every element within your business ecosystem. Utilizing a world-class program alots more time for you to work on your business and not in it.

The team of experienced coach/consultants will help you through our Vertex Business Accelerator Assessment that identifies areas of focus and them walk you through the implementation phase of the transformation.

Our approach to Business Performance Excellence is 100% results-driven. The Vertex Business Accelerator Assessment will help us determine which of the 7 Businesses Elements (Leadership, Strategy, Workforce, Results, Approach, Customer Focus, & Measurements) your organization need to improve its performance. For smaller businesses, our Vertex Business Accelerator will provide a foundational approach to building your business for performance and position it to acquire more customers, revenues, and commercial/government contracts.

A successful coaching session with us depends mostly on your determination to succeed! We’ll guide you through each step and customize the solutions toward your attributes, so the progress becomes natural and your internal and external customers benefit from your growth. You can expect to be inspired to innovate, dominate and build a connection with vision/direction and the goals of the business.

Look at us as your personal mentor as we help you transform the culture of your business and improve the MINDSET of everyone within it!

Common Challenges Our Vertex Coaching Solution Addresses             Each business has its own set of challenges. This is where the coaching comes to be very beneficial to any owner who finds themself stuck or failing to meet their goals. Most common are: Building Revenues (Growth), Establishing a clear Strategy (Planning), and having Structure within the business (Processes). Our team assist each client tackle these areas by helping them with the following:

1. Entrepreneur/Executive MINDSET Development

We help our clients develop a “Performance Based” MINDSET for success. We start with identifying the current status of the leadership (Vision/Clarity/Direction) and work through the 7 Element Ecosystem within your business. Entrepreneurs and/or their Leadership Groups will learn to master each of the high performance elements and will use tools and measurement strategies that immediately impact the business.

Through this easy to follow system, you’ll regain the drive, motivation, purpose, and passion to achieve the results that create a happy life, happy team, and a business with repeat loyal clients.

2. Sustainable Revenues

The bottom line of a business is the fuel that feeds the engine. Many small or mature businesses have the key ingredients to get started (great product, service, or solution) but fizzle after a few years. Having a coach help identify proven action steps that are tailored to your industry can be the difference between struggling to stay alive and thriving with your competitors. Client can expect sustainable returns on the investment that are in alignment with high performing competitors in their industry.

By using a few key tools from our toolbox–our coaches lay out detailed programs and set realistic performance based goals that improve client acquisition, eliminate wasteful activities, help better position your brand, clarify the target market and an entire host of revenue centric tasks. These activities will immediately improve the bottom line and could increase your margins while reducing fixed cost for your business.

3. Process Improvement

No business can sustain any amount of growth without a rock solid process of repeating the success. Your business needs to have a systematic that monitors and measures daily activities. We’ll coach you and your team how to understanding what isn’t working (root cause analysis) and implement adjustments without the overwhelming emotions associated with change. Most businesses evaluate processes with three key elements: People, Processes, and Product/Services. Our team will take a deeper dive into your current system and help establish globally recognized best practices strategies to meet or exceed your customer needs and the internal business goals.

4. Personnel, Client Focus and Culture

If your business success depends upon personnel or resources to service your clients, your coach will be able to help you make difficult decisions by having an outside perspective of what is working and what isn’t. Most small business owners or leaders develop a personal relationship with their team. Many of the leaders find themselves in a position of procrastination, personal feelings, or overlooking decisions that a coach can help them with. In other cases, coaches can provide assistance identifying new skills needed and help owners build a staffing plan that fits within the budget and allows growth within the organization.

You’ll have access to various skill and psyometric testing which allows leaders the ability to understand and lead the staff effectively. You’ll also have access to career specialist who can help you develop job descriptions, budgets, and reward strategies that attract the best talent in the business.

These are just a few areas that our executive coaching team help our clients build the right team, establish a performance based culture and achieve unbelievable breakthroughs organically in their business.


Business Coaching for Individuals

MINDSET and Leadership Skills:
* Mindset * Accountability * Action Planning * Brainstorming *Clarity * Fear * Lazer Focus * Support * Action/Implementation * Belief Systems * Motivation/Drive * Purpose / “Why” Factor * Self-sabotage * Processes * Time Management * MVV * Kaizen Approach

Vertex Business Accelerator Programs for Organizations

  • Small Business Domination Program (13 weeks) for small start up businesses seeking to establish a structured and profitable foundation for the business growth: $2250 Total package
  • Vertex Silver Package (6 months) for established small businesses seeking to improve revenues, add structure, and implement a culture of performance based results with revenue and customer engagement:  $5500 per month
  • Vertex Gold Package (6 month minimum) for mid-sized or larger firms and includes all other packages and leadership training, strategic planning, VIP services, site visits and social media/marketing team solutions:  $7500 per month
  • Vertex Platinum Package (12 month commitment) for larger enterprise organizations with multiple operations and staff.  This package includes all other packages benefits and adds off site retreat, executive coach(s) assigned with experience building over $300MM for business, team building events, staff acquisition solutions, advanced marketing and social media expert assigned, finance team assigned, sales team, weekly meetings, executive reporting, and celebrity mentor in leadership development and much more:   $15,000 per month.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We have military discounts for veterans and veteran owned businesses. There are also group coaching and master mind opportunities as well.

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