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Personal Development; a Key to Success

Personal Development; a Key to Success At a time when personal development is a real driving force in the professional world, it must be recognized that it also plays a key role in all aspects of everyday life. Leveraging towards personal change and progress, self-development allows us to know ourselves first, but above all to […]

Create Innovative Ways To Improve

Improving as a person, professional or business doesn’t have to be confined to just coaching sessions.  Coach Scott has found alternative ways to engage with clients and help solve real world issues.  He’s known for dynamic and passionate speeches that captivate the audience.  Your team will be motivated from hearing his testimony of enduring the same struggles as many others are trying to mask.  At the end of his events, you’ll be fired up and ready to change the world.

Here are some other platforms Coach Scott utilizes to help his clients achieve greatness:


These are effective yet inexpensive ways to get results.  Our Group or Mastermind Sessions include 12 one hour Mastermind Calls during a 12 week period. These calls are usually scheduled early morning or late evening Eastern Time.

The group will meet for 60 minutes to discuss SMART Goals that incorporate action steps, lessons learned, in a true mastermind approach to success… You’ll discus implementation strategies and ideas that worked or didn’t work, while taking advantage of a group of executives and guest speakers who will share best practices that will change your business direction. There’s something for everyone within each session. The goal is to continue learning and growing with like minded people who are determined to become “Game Changers” in their market.

What great value you are getting for your one time payment of $795 for the entire session!

Traditional Speaking Engagements

Coach Scott and his team truly enjoy the speaking engagement platform.  As a passionate personality who looks at life and finds a bright spot in adversity, his ability to use humor as a trigger emotion for determination for winning has given him the ability to overcome amazing challenges throughout his career.  That personality and energy is transferred to the audience as he delivers very clear content that gets results.

If you are interested in booking Coach Scott, please contact him directly at scott@scottacoulter.com for a One Sheet, Catalog of Topics or request a customized topic within his area of expertise.  Coach Scott has a passion for people and you’ll quickly see that within the first 5 minutes of him being in the building…


Our role as your Government Business Coach is to significantly improve your exposure, revenue, contract win percentage and relationships by providing your organization executive level government contracting business coaching. These services include solutions such as: training, personnel & resource solutions, implementation services and continuous process improvement. Unlike commercial coaching, we significantly improve our clients performance based on proven hands-on experience within our team of government coach and mentors. These are executives with an average of 30 years of experience and over $100M in successful contract award capabilities. Each coach will infuse a host of strategies, business development plans, joint venture collaborations, and overall business set up for targeting the right government client.


Online small business coaching isn’t just a service for businesses who are struggling. Successful business owners know that you never stop worrying about your business, no matter how well it’s doing.
Coach Scott’s proven strategies can help struggling businesses get back to winning. His team of executive coaches can help you reach that next level that you’ve been striving for. Our team has developed custom online packages that are unique and convienient for busy owners who still want world class services and results on the go. We take your needs and will design an online package that can include: video, audio, live calls, exercises, and a Learning Management System (LMS) that all of these tools can be accessible anywhere you have internet connection. Give us a call and schedule a strategy meeting so our team can undertand where or what we can help you improve. With detailed action steps through a virtual or LMS delivery system, Coach Scott and his team will help you realize your business vision and achieve increases in sales and profits that you never imagined were possible.



Learn to how to move your business and its team toward growth, improved processes, amazing culture of winning, and increased sales through our custom workshops. We assess your needs and build engaging workshops. The entire team will walk away with tangible steps toward building a business that is grounded in your company values and direction. Together, we’ll form a foundation for success–creating a systematic approach to developing leaders, improving sales/revenues, establishing a clear vision, inspire teams to buy into the mission, and drive home a culture of creativity and innovation. Contact us for more information on workshop topics, packages or retreats.

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