Meet Coach Scott

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Meet Coach Scott

Hi, I’m Scott A. Coulter and I’m excited that you decided to drop by. To help you get a better understanding of who I am, let me first tell you that I’m a family man who understands the importance of personal transformation. Meaning, my family and I have experienced the happiness and success that you can also achieve when working using the personal transformation systems I discovered over ten years ago. The beauty of it all is that I’m going to share the transformation process with you.

I going to bring over 20 years of real-world personal & professional success experiences ranging from learning how to deal with change, experiencing financial difficulties, becoming a military instructor, dealing with physical health issues, leadership, and building a multi-million dollar enterprise in recruiting. I’m considered an expert in understanding people, getting results from performance, and simplifying processes using relatable tools that anyone can use. Working with me and my team, you’ll have access to a results-driven group who has the ability to identify problem areas, implement strategies and help you execute your plan with measurable outcomes.

My concept is very simple. We’ve combined decades of research, training, and real-world success and failures to developing a transformation coaching system that consist of 4 easy components.

  1. The Right Mindset
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Proper Tools/Resources to make the correct changes, and
  4. Execution.

By far, the biggest step in our methodology is developing the right mindset for success–and then the rest will fall into place. I promise, we’ll help you through that journey.  All you need to do is ask yourself if you are a “doer or a dreamer?” If you are a doer, you’ve found the right place to get you moving in the right direction toward domination!

The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I am the Founder of APSi ( –a management services consultancy that focuses on Workforce Development Programs, Organizational Development, Project Management, and Training Solutions. I’ve authored workforce development curriculum, published 4 personal transformation books, and hundreds of articles over my 20+ year career.

One of my favorite professional achievements was being recognized with Business Magazine, Business Leader of the Year Award for a National Workforce Development Program that helped transition professionals and young adults into high demand careers.  Using our MINDSET framework and my curriculum from one of my published books (The Little Black Book for Employment), my team and I was able to coach and impact the lives of hundreds of professionals around the country.

I’ve also had my articles featured or seen in major media platforms such as; NBC, TWC, Ezine Articles, Business Leader Magazine, Fiber Optic Association (FOA), BuzzFeed, Medium, CW, and I’ve been recognized as an expert author for (the largest personal development blog in the industry).

I’m not just a Professional Coach, I’m also an accomplished Speaker, Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional, and Training Practitoner with a passion for helping others discover sustainable solutions for their personal transformation needs. Most importantly, my background has allowed me to offer my clients more than just coaching. My team and I have a vast network of resources worldwide that will equip you with everything you need to be successful.

Coach Scott’s Personal Story

My life has not always been the journey of happiness and success. I’ve also had some unique experiences that are probably similar to yours. However, each one of my personal challenges presented what I call a “coachable moment” that tested my faith, defined my “why”, improved my skills which all allowed me to become a living testimony today. I promise you that we (together) will convert your life challenges into transformational testimonies that you can share as well. This is my charter–to help you take your own coachable moments– implement my transformational systems, and convert those challenges into living breakthroughs.

Our Journey Together

Lastly, you should know that I will only facilitate your journey. My job is to help you change old habits and MINDSET and convert them into new strategies aiming for continuous improvement. With me, we’ll develop the right tools that fit your needs, and I’ll walk “with” you through the execution phase of your new found lifestyle or business. The success you receive with me will be due to your commitment to transformation.

Keep in mind–a coaches job is not to do the work for you. We are here to listen, guide, and mentor you through the process offering critical activities that direct your action steps toward growth or success. I guarantee that you’ll be excited about your new direction and will expect greater accomplishments from your self and everyone around you each day. Think of our time together as an investment. The more you put in, the greater your return will be. The results are totally determined by your willingness to stop doing the same old things (that get the same results) and begin experiencing new breakthroughs you’ve always dreamed of.  I’m talking about repeatable successes–and I’m going to show you how to Dominate Every Day!

20+ Years of Experience

  • Over two decades of experience working with people providing recruiting, coaching, and training solutions throughout the U.S.
  • Extensive background working with various skills, learning styles and abilities.
  • Coach Scott’s professional experience includes academic facilitation, career development, business development, leadership training and change management.


  • Measurable results in business, career or life sessions.
  • Information packed practical coaching sessions and training.
  • Relatable coach who’s been there and experience success, challenges, and failures.
  • Accountability partner who will help you stay on course and not give up.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Create behavior patterns that are repeatable and measurable.
  • Set clear SMART Goals with execution plan.
  • Team of the best certified coaches in the business for complex situations.
Let's Dominate The Day Together!