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Keynote and Speaking Engagements


Scott Coulter is transforming todays workforce using an informative, yet blended entertaining style that incorporates a proprietary “MINDSET” approach to maximizing your personal and professional potential. He strongly believes that “YOU” are the reason for your succeed, as well as the failures– his approach is geared toward empowerment.

Scott is a high energy military veteran, entrepreneur, leader and educator who attacks each keynote speech with a purpose to lead, educate, mentor and serve the audience. He uses an informative, yet educational blended style that incorporates action plans, accountability methods, case studies, and real world relatable experiences to create a movement of extra-ordinary measures.

Scott has a unique way of telling stories from his own experiences as a executive recruiter, military soldier and entrepreneur that compliments relevant content from the keynote topics.

Coach Scott abbreviated Topics Catalog: 

  • MINDSET Transformation Foundation (Kaizen for Business, Career or Life)
  • Self Help, Self Development and Discovery and Empowerment
  • Anger Management, Peer Pressure, Cognitive Behavior, and other social needs topics.
  • Greatness within you (how to extract that beast awaiting your attention)
  • Entrepreneurial MINDSET: (how to build disruptive mindset for success)
  • Customer Focus and Engagements
  • Customer Services and Excellence
  • Active Shooter Training and Overview (Call for more information)
  • Family Kaizen (continuous improvement in relationships)
  • Youth Development (right choices, self empowerment, culture, breakthroughs in life or academics)
  • Employment related topics
  • Business: Leadership, Sales/Marketing, Process Improvement, Systems
  • Veterans and Transition to Entrepreneurship
  • Recruiting, Personnel and Culture Development
  • The Compliance Wheel: Purpose, Passion, Attitude and Spirit
    Veteran transitioning to civilian success
  • How to find a job in 90 days (The Little Black Book for Employment)
  • Branding and Social Media
  • Working with Recruiters and Recruiting Agencies to find jobs
  • Youth Employment & Empowerment for entry level workers
  • Leadership (Personnel management Uncle Sam’s way)
  • Developing Recruiting Departments
  • How to recruit the right personnel (hiring for your MVV)
  • Building winning teams, culture, and performance based systems
  • Custom blended speeches
  • Corporate topics and team building (See the workshops and seminars)
  • And much more…

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