Dominate your destiny with the right MINDSET!

Coach Scott will utilize his successful MINDSET model that has helped change lives around the world. This MINDSET methodology focuses on 7 key areas that dictate your success. Each program will help you find Motive, Intention, Nurture the holistic being, find your Determination, implement Strategies, Explore your value system and Transform your change to sustainable outcomes.
Establish clarity, purpose and your "why" factor. We will align these items up with your values to create motivation toward making a change. SMART Goals combined with an execution plan can make achieving repeatable breakthroughs fun and exciting.
Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have the ability to succeed and you still fall short from lack of effort. I want you to focus on living up to your potential. Take calculated risk, get outside the box, learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and close the gaps that are hindering your progress.
Most times, clients never know how special they are until they're forced to do something special. I want to help you discover that special trait deep inside so that you can do unbelievable things everyday. Being intentional is a form of self discovery--and together we will explore new areas that trigger your excitement and motivation.
Focusing on the mind, body and spirit creates balance. Feeding your inner thoughts positive emotions, learning to fuel your body enriching foods to build strength, while creating the right attitude of being thankful for who you are today are just a few areas we will enhance during our time together. Balance is the key to happiness, peace, and confidence!


I have a 4 phase proven process that'll help you dominate life, business, and relationships! (scroll to the right for each phase description and expectations)


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Coach Scott provides various formats for mentoring and learning. His group sessions are designed for teams or audiences in office setting or retreat environment.

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Joint the Coachable Moments Podcast and receive industry news, tips, and information regarding free webinars. Look for celebrity, successfuly entreprenuers and everday success stories in each episode.


Coach Scott provides individual sessions for those who are interested in receiving direct feedback for specific needs. These sessions are better suited for long-term solutions.

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Now coaches can impact their clients online with innovative courseware that is accessible via the internet. Coach Scott has created some amazing classes that clients can take at their own pace and still have access to his instruction via email.

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Coach Scott delivers insightful information for members, students and clients. Look for new uploads here or on his YouTube channel for tips, advise, and industry news.

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Utilize the diverse catalog of published self-help books from Coach Scott and other affiliates. You may also find books written by Coach Scott on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Check back here for updates on new releases or updated items coming soon.

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Let's take a journey together to "Unbelievable Breakthroughs"

Your MINDSET is the foundation of everything you ever wanted out of life and together we will create a solution that will change everything!

Coaching Service Pricing

Professional Coaching Silver package


  • no Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 1 60 Min Session
  • No MINDSET Program
  • Limited Email Support
  • Basic Skill assessment
  • Basic Strategic Action Plan
  • No Coaching Portal
  • No Coaching Type
  • No Social Media
  • No Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
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Professional Coaching Platinum package


  • Small-Medium Sized Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 13 60 Min Session
  • Business Focus MINDSET Program
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Discovery Skill assessment
  • Yes Strategic Action Plan
  • Yes Coaching Portal
  • Small-Medium Sized Coaching Type
  • Yes Social Media
  • Free Access Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
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Professional Coaching Vip package


  • Large Advanced Business Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 20 60 Min Session
  • Advanced Business MINDSET Program
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Executive Skill assessment
  • Yes Strategic Action Plan
  • Yes Coaching Portal
  • Large Advanced Business Coaching Type
  • Yes Social Media
  • Free Access Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
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