Improving your self growth

Written by on October 10, 2017

As an individual goes through his or her life, everyone expects for the person to mature physically, mentally and emotionally. This is how everyone’s life should be. From birth, man is expected to progress and develop, so when you notice that your life has taken a stagnant step and have laid out a comfortable nook in a place, just to waste away, then you ought to do something about it.

Achieving growth

A plant will need just a few things to grow. It will need carbon dioxide, sunlight, water and chlorophyll. You, on the other hand, are not a plant and so you need something else to grow. Physically, you will need nourishment and exercise. Emotionally, you will have to go through life experiences. Mentally, you will have to live a life of learning. Spiritually, you have to believe in a deeper purpose. Not everyone will achieve holistic growth, but some will, and they are lucky. Some people will manage to grow fruitfully in specific aspects in their life, and they will be content with that. Some, unfortunately, will achieve absolutely nothing, and you should always pray that you are not to be this person.

Continuous quest for greatness

However comfortable you have become of your existence in this planet and in this life, you should never be content. Always aspire to be more and do more, and you can do that by enhancing yourself. You can enhance yourself:

  • Physically: You can start eating right and eating healthily. Eating right means eating a balanced meal, complete with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. To be able to support your body’s anatomical and physiological needs, you have to eat right and also exercise regularly.
  • Mentally: You have to always crave knowledge. You can attend school, small courses and seminars. You can read books, watch inspirational and instructional videos, and you can join groups. Always maintain a hunger for knowledge and allow yourself to reach beyond boundaries.
  • Emotionally: You should not shelter yourself from compromising situations just because you are afraid that you may not be able to handle things. Sometimes, you have to allow yourself to get hurt, so that you will know what pain feels. The bruises and scars will go away, eventually. Do not mind getting some, over the years, because they will teach you to be tough and show you the reality of this existence.
  • Spiritually: Spirituality is not just rooted to religion. One can achieve to be spiritually satisfied without having to be attached to any religion. Spirituality is the sense of living with a deeper purpose. It is the sense of existing for something other than to breathe, to acquire money and count accomplishments. It is the sense of being who you really are and who you ought to be.

Every day, you should take a quite assessment of your existence. Are you satisfying the different aspects of life? Is there a balance? Are you completely happy? If your answer is “no”, then you know what to do.

-Scott A. Coulter, CLC, LSSYB, CSC, MTi