If Billionaires Use Coaching, Why Don’t You?

Written by on October 5, 2017

I was reading my daily digest of Self Growth Articles today and found an interesting insight that I have to share.

An article was written by Sean Everett (author on the Medium Blog) that blew my mind about coaching.  Even though I’m a big fan of using resources and mentors to advance my own goals, I find too many other professionals don’t believe in it.  Maybe because they think its only for those who have serious issues or maybe need mental therapy.  I’m not sure how the term “coach” has been turned into something other than what it is but as an athelete I’ve lived my entire life looking to a coach to guide me.

But back to the article.  He shared a few examples of how important coaching is to very successful people.  No matter is your dealing with fears, addictions, lack of business revenues or even personal relationships–coaching is like the hidden secret that more people are tapping into.

If I told you that you can make a small investment to experience happiness, success, or even financial freedom in your career–would you do it?  Most people say yes but they can’t afford a coach.  I call B.S. because I see more people linning up at the Apple Store on release day eager to drop $800-900 on a new iphone but won’t invest the same amount to double their own success.

Here is another one for you.  More 16-24 year old teens will spend $350-1,000 for a new pair of sneakers but won’t invest the same amount on tutoring or coaching to get into college.

So here is what I thought I’d share with the Game Changer Group today.  It’s a list of known billionaires and celebreties to openly and consitantly use coaching.

Read on to the list…

  1. Running A Huge Tech Company. Chairman of Alphabet (formerly CEO of Google), Eric Schmidt, says the best advice he ever got was to hire an executive coach. A famous Venture Capitalist and Board member, John Doerr, was the one who suggested it. But Eric was a longtime executive that was already running a successful global business that was growing like a weed. He didn’t need a coach. And so he resisted. But eventually turned the corner, gave it a shot and in a later interview with Fortune Magazine, he said “everyone needs a coach.”
  2. Building A Massive Media Brand. Oprah is such a household name that you don’t even need to include her last one. She built her brand from a local news station into one of the most trusted advisors of consciousness in America and maybe, the world. She’s attributed part of that success to her life coach, Martha Beck, and has been a major advocate of it. Oprah’s even gone so far as showcasing various life coaches to her audience over the years and recommending one for everybody.
  3. Recovering From Childhood Stardom. Sometimes it’s not about achieving success that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s dealing with what happens afterwards that is. If you remember Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family days, you’ll remember a precocious red-headed kid bound for success. But after struggling with drug abuse, legal issues, and homelessness, it wasn’t until a life coach entered the picture that things got better. He’s now a life coach on air, helping others just like they helped him.
  4. Achieving Super Bowl Champion Status. The Denver Broncos star linebacker, Von Miller, has had issues with the law in the past. And we all know where that will lead if left unchecked. There’s no Superbowl rings in jail. He got a coach to help turn his life around and since those low points, he’s now a Super Bowl champion and, wouldn’t you know it, MVP.
  5. Becoming a Famous Actress. Nia Long has been a successful actress for two decades. She’s come out and said living a happy and fulfilling life is a result of working with her own coach.
  6. Rock Star Status. Famous rock bands are no stranger to family fueds. When you spend that much time together, add in a mix of fame, fortune, and social power, the mix can be downright disastrous. In Metallica’s case, this rang all too true. In fact, there was even a documentary made about it. So they got themselves a life coach named Phil Towle who helped them work through the issues, resulting in their subsequent album reslease. Now that’s what I call success if I’ve ever heard it.
  7. Oscar-Winning Actor. There’s famous, and then there’s really famous. Leonardo DiCaprio is the latter. And he spared no expense with his life coach, going all the way to the top to, you guessed it, Mr. Tony Robbins. Leo keeps tight-lipped about his experiences, but it’s hard to argue with the results. If the struggle found within the plotline of The Revenant is analogous to the struggle of becoming one of the greatest actors ever, then it stands to reason that the DiCaprio-Robbins dynamic duo is going to be one for the history books. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your own?
  8. Leader of the Free World. You know what’s a hard job? Being a leader. You know what’s even harder? Being responsible for 300 million people. Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States is also a proud customer of Tony Robbin’s coaching. And I’d say it paid off. That job is pretty darn hard to get. In the entire history of the country, he was only the 42nd person to have been promoted into the role.
  9. Tennis Goddess Overcoming Injury. Let’s throw in one more Tony Robbins customer for good measure. In this case, we’re moving from acting to leadership to sports. Serena Williams to be exact. Her big struggle was one of a steady stream of injuries. When you play such a hard-hitting sport like tennis for your entire life, it’s bound to add up. Tony helped her work through the pain, get her mind right, and get back on top. Not just any top. Grand Slam top. Nice volley, you.
  10. Tennis Star Overcoming Addiction. Let’s shift gears to another tennis star on the other side of the gender divide. He was so great at his sport that even decades later, he’s still a household name. But did you know that Andre Agassi was once ranked 126th in the world? He eventually became #1 in the world, but that came with different issues, like drug abuse, which he’s been open about. We happen to be family friends with the coach who helped him through it. Both incredible people with incredible stories. Everyone struggles, but it’s the people who lend a helping hand that become your family, whether by blood or otherwise.
  11. Musical Prodigy Grows Up. We’re all familiar with the musical prodigy, Justin Bieber. He’s had his ups and downs transitioning to adulthood. But when Hillsong’s Carl Lentz stepped in, things started moving in the right direction. He now appears happier, more motivated, and driven with a purpose he didn’t quite have before. Coaches can be called many names. In this case, Justin called him Pastor first, and friend, second.
  12. Wolverine’s Personal Improvement Plan. Sometimes you’re not struggling as much as you are focused on getting a little bit better every day. And so you go out looking for novel ways to achieve that. For two decades, Hugh Jackman had been wanting to work with Tony Robbins (another one!) based on all the positive feedback from his peers. When he finally had the chance, Tony’s first words to him were, “I have a gift for you.” I don’t know about you, but I really want to know what that gift was. Of course, it’s so personalized that it wouldn’t much matter to you, but that’s the whole point of coaching, no? The personalized tactics?
  13. MMA Mental Fights. By now most of us have heard of the MMA. It’s a brutal sport that requires both physical and mental stamina. And one of the best to ever do it was Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. He also spent time working with Tony Robbins (noticing a pattern?) to get his mind right. The body is a tool, and can only be driven by the mind. So if the mind’s off, your body will be too. Chuck gets it. You should too.

As the article states, these individual results are not by accident.  Nothing in life is by accident.  There’s no such thing as luck either.  Your breakthroughs, happiness, and success is based upon your belief system, efforts to make continuos improvements, and committment to doing what ever it takes to become a better you.

Don’t act as if you are perfect and don’t have something to work on.  Everyone has something that needs some outside help to make it better or get rid of it all together.

If you’ve been suffering or procrastinating on a change that will immediately improve your life–don’t wait another day.  Not everyone has Tony Robbins on the speed dial but every community has a great coach that can help you get over the hump.  Make the investment, make your mind up, and go “dominate every day!” You’ll thank yourself for it.