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Coaching FAQs

Coaching Services are aimed to empower individuals, groups, or businesses to meet or exceed identified expectations and goals. Coaches use techniques and accountability tools to confidently build the skills necessary to accomplish sustainable change and push past negative items (or emotions) to achieve success.

No. It is not even though there are some similarities in the practice. However, coaches help people focus on what they really want (personal or professional) and then establish an action plan to achieve those goals. Part of empowering you to achieve SMART goals, coaches also help identify strenghts and weaknesses while providing tools to eliminate areas that are hendering your growth in life and in business. Coaching is NOT counseling, nor do we offer the answers/solutions! Clients who discover they need clinical assistance should be referred to medical, psychologist, or certified counselors for additional help.

Coaches are great assets for those seeking change. Their expertise can help you with areas that you may be struggling in such as diet, relationships, career transition, business progress, performance improvements, and even basic motivation. In either case, utilizing the expertise of a professional coach can postively alter your outlook on life through thought provoking sessions that can reveal amazing attributes within yourself that are applied to everday activities that generate individual breakthroughs.

Your Service Offerings

Yes, Coach Scott offers coaching solutions to individuals via face to face, online, or via teleconferences. Because his solutions are based on the MINDSET Methodology, many of his clients receive coaching deliverables that include e-learning solutions and exercises to assist with getting the outcomes expected.

Coach Scott loves group coaching. He offers small and large group sessions to non-profits, churches, businesses, and interest groups who are looking for self development services. Each group setting will be structured to fit the unique need of the organization. Therefore, he will accommodate your request to ensure that your objective are met for the engagement.

Coach Scott loves to make sure you obtain the goals set in the consulting session, so each session is designed to gain the most value during the time spent together. You can expect at least 60 minutes of questions, exploration, and reflection on ideas to help establish an action plan. Coach Scott really focuses on encouragement, empowerment, confidence, and building competence. All sessions are confidential and thought provoking so Coach Scott can offer support, feedback, and tools to help you stay focused on the outcomes.

It all depends on your ultimate goals. Some clients only need some basic guidance that one session may be able to provide. In most cases, the first session will identify a need for multiple sessions to truly obtain the levels of success many are seeking. Coach Scott has developed some basic packages that may fit what you’re looking for, or he can create a “special” package upon request (visit the shop for details on various coaching packages). Because coaching is so flexible (scheduled around your needs) Coach Scott can provide weekly, monthly, or as needed services. It will be up to you.

E-Learning Courses

Yes. We offer a full catalog of e-Learning curriculum that is part of the MINDSET methodology. Our focus is self-development and each course is designed to improve skill areas or your mental aspect of success. All of our programs are based on Coach Scott’s Kaizen Approach philosophy (see book section). Our courses range from Leadership, Communications, Sales/Marketing, Social Media, Coaching, Recruiting, MINDSET Transformation, Emotional Intelligence and over 50 additional areas of interest. See the MINDSET Academy for more information or contact us if you are looking for a custom course to fit your needs.

Our courses are self-development driven. Meaning, each course will come with a certificate of completion and Coach Scott will show you how to properly position your training portfolio to improve your brand authority amongst your peers. We also have partnerships with other international training groups that can offer accredited courses, skills assessment, and high demand credentials if there is a need for more than what we offer.

Of course. The purpose of selecting Coach Scott’s e-Learning programs is to offer flexible learning environments. Each course is delivered through our amazing Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a student portal, login, and progress report. Each student can study and progress through the course on their smart phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere their is internet connection. As a bonus, Coach Scott also has developed email access and chat lines with live courses. If you don’t see a course in the academy portal, contact us and we will provide you a link to the course and get you set up quickly.

Specialty Solutions

Coach Scott is an expert in career coaching solutions. He converted a successful (20+ year) career in Staffing/Recruiting into a successful coaching business. His insight in leadership, industry, and marketing has helped hundreds of career seeking clients establish a gameplan for jobs, advancement, transition, and promotion. Engaging Coach Scott for career services will provide exposure to areas beyond resume writting and interviewing role play. You can expect a deeper dive to brand recognition, authority building, networking, hidden job markets, and much more.

Coach Scott has experienced the amazing benefits of building a successful business from scratch, as well as the pitfalls and failures that come along with being an entrepeneur. Coach Scott really focuses on start-ups to mid-sized companies and offers an entire catalog of expertise in sales, marketing, employee development, process improvement, training, web development, social media, collaborative partnerships, commercial and government target markets. He believes in establishing efficient protocols in small business ventures and works closely with stakeholders helping them with lean processes, root cause analysis, employee development, and more. Visit our Shop tab for more information on packages and workshops for business solutions.

One of Coach Scott’s passions is giving back to the community. He discovered how special and gratifying this service could be through his award winning Broadband Fiber Optic workforce program with at-risk youth. The program grew throughout 5 states and impacted the lives of young adults (ages 16-24). Coach Scott’s previous success showed proof that youth coaching is critical to closing the gap in skill development, emotional intelligence, confidence, and empowerment within the young population. He now offers performance coaching, career coaching, life coaching and mentoring programs for students and parents seeking his services. See our Shop tab for youth programs or contact us for custom design services to fit your needs.

As a military veteran, Coach Scott is very familiar with the challenges that face our armed forces community transitioning from active duty to civilian life. He and his team have dedicated their time and efforts to building solutions for service members seeking assistance with jobs, business and areas within their personal life. Coach Scott has veteran services that provide solutions for many of these challenges. Career, Business, Professional, Performance, Relationships, and Life Coaching are a few areas in which he dedicates his time. Contact us today for more information on discounts, volunteer work, and group workshops that are available. Or, you can check the Shop tab for packages Coach Scott has to offer military veterans who are interested.

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