Business Coaching & Mentoring Solutions

Owning a Business is one of the greatest honors you can have professionally. Growing your business can be one of the most stressful and frustrating process you can encounter as well.
Hiring a business coach will help you avoid some common pitfalls associated with entrepreneurialship and growth. Our team of business coaches will help you move your business forward. We focus on critical areas like: strategies, clarity of your goals, accountability, business MINDSET, and framing a system that will lead you toward succes.
A successful coaching session with us depends mostly on your determination to succeed! We'll guide you through a systematic approach that is customized to your attributes so the progress becomes natural. Our programs inspire creativity and builds a connection with the leadership team, the game plan and your business goals. We specialize in working with self-employed, small businesses, and contractors seeking to win government contracts. Look at us a your personal mentor as we transform your MINDSET while improving your business bottom line.
Each business has its own set of challenges. This is where the coaching comes to be very beneficial to any owner who finds themself stuck or failing to meet their goals. Most common are: Building Revenues (Growth), Establishing a clear Strategy (Planning), and having Structure within the business (Processes). Our team assist each client tackle these areas by helping them with the following:
We help our clients develop a "true" mindset for success. We start with identifying the current status of the leadership team and work toward the rest of the team. Building a mindset for owning a successful business is the foundation for growth. You "MUST" have the drive, motivation, purpose, and passion to achieve the results that create a happy life, happy team, and a business with repeat clients.
The bottom line of a business is the fuel that feeds the engine. Many small or growing businesses have the key ingredients to get started (great product, service, or solution) but fizzle after a few years. Having a coach help identify proven action steps that are tailored to your industry can be the difference between struggling to stay alive and thriving with your competitors. Client can expect detailed programs focusing on sales, business development, branding, marketing, and daily action items to get you on pace for growth.
No business can sustain any amount of growth without a rock solid process of repeating the success. Your business needs to have a systematic approach to performing daily activities, growth triggers, eliminators (removing waste), and a way to understanding what isn't working (root cause analysis). Most businesses evaluate processes with three key elements: People, Processes, and Product/Services. Our team will dive into your current system and help establish market best practices to achieve your business goals.
If your business success depends upon personnel or resources to service your clients, your coach will be able to help you make difficult decisions by having an outside perspective of what is working and what isn't. Most small business owners or leaders develop a personal relationship with their team. Many of the leaders find themselves in a position of procrastination, personal feelings, or overlooking decisions that a coach can help them with. In other cases, coaches can provide assistance identifying new skills needed and help owners build a staffing plan that fits within the budget and allows growth within the organization. These are just a few areas that our executive coaching team help our clients achieve unbelievable breakthroughs in their business.

Business Coaching for Individual

* Mindset * Accountability * Action Planning * Brainstorming *Clarity * Fear * Lazer Focus * Support * Action/Implementation * Belief Systems * Motivation/Drive * Purpose / "Why" Factor * Self-sabotage * Processes * Time Management * MVV * Kaizen Approach

Coaching for your Business

* Mentoring * Business planning & strategy * Service/product Branding * Leadership * Sales & Generating Leads * Business Direction * Contractors * Government Contracts * Client Satisfaction * Technology * Processess * Project Management * Marketing * Social Media / Branding / SEO * Website Development * Networking * Business Structure * Joint Ventures * Financing & Funding * Acquisitions


Diverse Business Coaching Programs


Our Group or Mastermind Sessions include 6 one hour Mastermind Calls during a 12 week period. These calls are scheduled early morning or late evening Eastern Time. The group will meet for 60 minutes to discuss action steps, lessons learned, in a true mastermind approach to success… We’ll discus implementation strategies and ideas, while taking advantage of a group of executives and guest speakers who will share best practices that will change your business direction. There's something from each session! What great value you are getting for your one time payment of $795 for the entire session!

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Our role as your Government Business Coach is to significantly improve your exposure, revenue, contract win percentage and relationships by providing your organization executive level government contracting business coaching. These services include solutions such as: training, personnel & resource solutions, implementation services and continuous process improvement. Unlike commercial coaching, we significantly improve our clients performance based on proven hands-on experience within our team of government coach and mentors. These are executives with an average of 30 years of experience and over $100M in successful contract award capabilities. Each coach will infuse a host of strategies, business development plans, joint venture collaborations, and overall business set up for targeting the right government client.


Coach Scott provides individual sessions for those who are interested in receiving direct feedback for specific needs. These sessions are better suited for long-term solutions.

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Online small business coaching isn’t just a service for businesses who are struggling. Successful business owners know that you never stop worrying about your business, no matter how well it’s doing. Coach Scott’s proven strategies can help struggling businesses get back to winning. His team of executive coaches can help you reach that next level that you’ve been striving for. Our team has developed custom online packages that are unique and convienient for busy owners who still want world class services and results on the go. We take your needs and will design an online package that can include: video, audio, live calls, exercises, and a Learning Management System (LMS) that all of these tools can be accessible anywhere you have internet connection. Give us a call and schedule a strategy meeting so our team can undertand where or what we can help you improve. With detailed action steps through a virtual or LMS delivery system, Coach Scott and his team will help you realize your business vision and achieve increases in sales and profits that you never imagined were possible.

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Coach Scott delivers insightful information for members, students and clients. Look for new uploads here or on his YouTube channel for tips, advise, and industry news.

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Learn to how to move your business and its team toward growth, improved processes, amazing culture of winning, and increased sales through our custom workshops. We assess your needs and build engaging workshops. The entire team will walk away with tangible steps toward building a business that is grounded in your company values and direction. Together, we'll form a foundation for success--creating a systematic approach to developing leaders, improving sales/revenues, establishing a clear vision, inspire teams to buy into the mission, and drive home a culture of creativity and innovation. Contact us for more information on workshop topics, packages or retreats.

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Let's take a journey together to "Unbelievable Breakthroughs"

Your MINDSET is the foundation of everything you ever wanted out of life and together we will create a solution that will change everything!

Coaching Service Pricing

Professional Coaching Silver package


  • no Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 1 60 Min Session
  • No MINDSET Program
  • Limited Email Support
  • Basic Skill assessment
  • Basic Strategic Action Plan
  • No Coaching Portal
  • No Coaching Type
  • No Social Media
  • No Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
  • get started

Professional Coaching Platinum package


  • Small-Medium Sized Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 13 60 Min Session
  • Business Focus MINDSET Program
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Discovery Skill assessment
  • Yes Strategic Action Plan
  • Yes Coaching Portal
  • Small-Medium Sized Coaching Type
  • Yes Social Media
  • Free Access Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
  • get started

Professional Coaching Vip package


  • Large Advanced Business Business Coaching
  • Yes One on One Coaching
  • 20 60 Min Session
  • Advanced Business MINDSET Program
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Executive Skill assessment
  • Yes Strategic Action Plan
  • Yes Coaching Portal
  • Large Advanced Business Coaching Type
  • Yes Social Media
  • Free Access Webinars
  • Discounted Military Vet Services
  • get started