Embrace Change

Written by on August 29, 2016

If you don’t embrace change, how can you realize your dreams?

Everything in the world changes, whether you embrace it or not.  If change doesn’t come, you become static or stuck in one spot.  There is no better example than studying the human species.  For instance, a human can never lay in bed for an extended period of time.  Your bones begin to weaken and you’ll receive bed sores and diseases that can can have a damaging impact on your body.  We were designed to grow, move and constantly change.  One day, we will eventually grow old and pass away.  It is life 101.  Continuous change is what makes us and the world go round.  But, if we know this to be true, and believe this philosophy, then why do we hate change in our lives?  Are we such a creature of habits that we can’t embrace change to move forward in life?  Everything changes.  Something in your life is change right at this moment.  You haven’t been made aware of it yet.  Are you prepared for the good and the bad?

Change is truly inevitable.  You can’t “stop” change.  Good or bad, change is here to stay.  It is how you embrace the change that determines your outlook on the outcome each and every day.  For example, a person who is terminated from a job and has a hard time finding new employment, spending time relishing in the perceived failure will restrain his or her growth.  On the other hand, the individual who accepts the change (inevitable) and spends time focusing on overcoming the challenges, will emerge victorious and well prepared for future change.  The individual who refuses to embrace the inevitable (change) in every situation, finds themselves in more misfortune than in fortune.  These are individuals who generate a perpetual ora of complacency. It’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break because all they want to do is keep things the same, all day, every week, every year.

How in the world would you ever get better? How would you reach your goals, if not for change?  Old habits leads to the same results.  A person who isn’t truly committed to change will only develop patterns of incomplete personal and professional milestones.  They would rather not deal with difficult change, instead of taking the bull by the horns and ride that baby until you accomplish the goal.

I love to use the example of women and child birth in change management.  Pregnancy is very painful and long, but the beautiful result is a living breathing life form that you love the instant you lay eyes on it.  What a beautiful feeling and not many people have ever experienced the process and never shed a tear when you see that beautiful result of long term change.  Most women forget all about the pain over the previous nine months once they hold that child in their arms for the very first time.  For the business minded, it is the first five or so years of your company start up.  You win and loose, win and loose over again until most entrepreneurs give up.  But for those few who believe and accept the tough change, he/she will totally enjoy the spoils called success as they see that little start up finally become revenue generating organization.  Name one successful person who has never gone through some type of negative change?  If you can find one, run away.  He or she will never be able to mentor you through the tough times and I would hate to be there when they experience their first challenge.  Change in our lives is what time does to wine.  As we experience change, we get better.  One thing you can count on, change will come.  It is inevitable.

If you are looking for change in 2014, but not really prepared to accept the painful change that comes along with it, you probably are not ready to succeed.  If you truly want to meet your goals and experience the positive side of change, prepare yourself for the good and the bad that is inevitable.  No matter which situation comes your way, accept it, embrace it, learn from it and overcome it.  Then your dreams and goals will come to fruition.

Quick Tips:

  1. Each day, wake up and commit to overcoming any negative change that may be waiting on you throughout the day. In fact, be grateful for the opportunity to grow through your challenge and change.
  2. Accept the positive change that is on tap for you.  Speak more positive change in existence.
  3. Learn something new each day.  Learning is the key to overcoming negative change.  The next time it comes around, you are prepared and can quickly overcome.
  4. Don’t be afraid to succeed.  Fear can control how you deal with change.  Grow some courage from deep inside and draw a line in the sand.  Face it head on and get it behind you.  Speak positive change in to a negative situation.
  5. Lastly, tackle each situation with a purpose.  Write down action items and journal them along with the successful solutions.  There is nothing like looking back and reflecting on decisions made that helped you overcome a negative change.

Remember, for 2014 to be the year of positive change in your life, you must be ready to fight for it.  For every positive challenge there is a negative challenge close by.  That is what we call life.  Your success depends on your ability to change.  Don’t just talk about how you plan to make this your break out year, embrace the change (positive and negative) and “LIVE IT”!

Scott A. Coulter, CSS