Written by on June 14, 2016

This video is a Ted Talk from Speaker, Author and Coach Brett Ledbetter. Brett is the Founder of Ballstrike Footwork System and the Founder of the CPR Development model (Character-Process-Results).

In this video, Brett talks to an audience about the inner coach within your own mind.  He helps the audience dial into controlling your mindset, focusing your emotions, the process which drives the results of your goals.

Brett’s model very similar to Coach Scott’s MINDSET model in which he teaches the importance of focusing on the process and not on the results from setting goals. Brett has conducted interviews with over 160 globally recognized coaches who are known for winning, building programs with specific character players and driving them to be great on and off the court.

This 17-minute video is captivating and educational for anyone who shares his interviews with national championship coaches who share their views on how to be great, preparation, emotional control, and focusing on the daily process.  This video will enlighten anyone on how important your character skills are to the process of success–which can offer “Unstoppable Mindset and Unbelievable Breakthroughs” in your profession and in life.”