Hi, I’m Coach Scott Coulter

Certified Coach, Author, and Award Winning Entrepreneur.  I’m excited to take the journey to “unbelievable” breakthroughs with you in your business, career, and life.  Let me and my team transform your M.I.N.D.S.E.T and help you develop into the Game Changer you was born to be!

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Kaizen Approach To


Develop an Innovative, Resilient, and Performance Based Mindset that establishes a culture of success.


Build training and career strategies around a systematic approach to identifying, attracting, and obtaining the job or your dreams.


Learn to eliminate wasteful activities, emotions and habits that keep you from a fulfilled, positive, and happy lifestyle.

Transformation Solutions

Results Based Solutions

Establish Direction

Develop your purpose, passion, and direction for business, career and life goals.

Accelerate your business performance

Increase sales, build new culture, improve performance, and learn to disrupt the market with my 7 Element Vertex Business Accelerator System.

Identify and set SMART Goals

Learn to develop processes, strategies and planning tools using SMART goals and executable activities.

Establish balance in work/life

Discover how to prioritize what’s important, eliminate wasteful activities, and learn to love and live life to the fullest.

Move past your blind spots

Build a resilient MINDSET that will allow (and motivate) you beyond your blind spots.  Get mentally strong and focused to dominate “everything”

Thrive in times of change

Create a mindset that thrives within change, loves innovation, invites challenge, and learns how to turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Transformation Coach

Kaizen Mindset Dev.


Self Discovery

Personal Development

Improve your relationships

Continuos Improvement

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Vertex Business Sys.

Performance Improvement

Business Model Assessment

Workforce Development

Sales & Marketing

Strategic Planning

Customer Focus

3 Levels of Solutions

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The Career Master

Establish a Career Plan

Build Training Plan

Evaluate Target Market

Assess Hard & Power Skills

Establish an Activity Plan

Branding & Social Networks

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  • Testimonial

    He consistently challenges himself and those around him to be better professionals and people.

    Matt Jones

  • Testimonial

    The next time someone looks up “passionate” in the dictionary, they shouldn’t be at all surprised to see Scott’s picture accompanying the definition.

    James Warder

  • Testimonial

    He also had a clear plan for my development path and actually took action to help develop me.

    Amber Williams

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